Join us this year for the 2020 Power Conference.

Plug In

With 40 sessions to choose from, plug in and get connected to timely messages and resources.

Charge Up

Gathering with leaders and members from 50 churches provides an opportunity to sharpen one another and spur one another on towards love an good works.

Always On

Come away with a renewed focus and passion for the things of God to impact your community for the cause of Christ.



Churches Attending

2020 Speakers

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Joel Urshan became a Christian at the age of 6 and taught his first Bible study at the age of 10. He has spent many years preaching and serving God. Joel is currently the Senior Pastor of Tree of Life Church in Cincinnati.

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Bishop David Maxwell has traveled extensively throughout America and the foreign fields, ministering to thousands. Bishop Maxwell currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Eliezer Temple, Lansing, Michigan and Promised Word Church , Warren Michigan. He is the Chairman of the Board of Bishops of the Churches Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.

” _builder_version=”4.4.1″][/cwp_team_carousel_child][cwp_team_carousel_child cwp_team_name=”Pastor Fondrea Lewis” cwp_team_position=”The Greater Glory Church” cwp_team_image_url=”” cwp_team_use_image_shape=”on” cwp_team_content=”

Pastor Fondrea Lewis, an anointed woman of God, ministers nationwide to a plethora of communities within the body of Christ with one purpose in mind: to engraft souls into the Kingdom. She presently serves as the Senior Pastor of The Greater Glory Church in Newark, New Jersey under the covering of Bishop Charles W. Harris; Presiding Prelate of Covenant Kingdom Ministries International.

” _builder_version=”4.4.1″][/cwp_team_carousel_child][cwp_team_carousel_child cwp_team_name=”Bishop Brandon Jacobs” cwp_team_position=”New Zion Church” cwp_team_image_url=”×875-1.jpg” cwp_team_use_image_shape=”on” cwp_team_content=”

Bishop Brandon A. Jacobs, Sr. is the Founder and Pastor of New Zion Temple Church organized December 14, 2006. New Zion Temple Church is an affiliate of Pilgrim Assemblies International, Inc., which is headquartered in New York, under the leadership of Presiding Archbishop William Hudson III.

” _builder_version=”4.4.1″][/cwp_team_carousel_child][cwp_team_carousel_child cwp_team_name=”Bishop Lambert Gates” cwp_team_position=”L.W. Gates Ministries” cwp_team_image_url=”” cwp_team_use_image_shape=”on” cwp_team_content=”

Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr. is the presiding bishop of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International and is senior pastor of Mt. Zion Apostolic Church in Indianapolis and Greater Apostolic Faith Temple in Detroit. His distinction as one pastor in two locations attests to the call on his life for expansive ministry. He is an outstanding teacher of the Word of God and is a nationally known speaker whose ministry is in constant demand.

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